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About Us


Yeovil Deluxe Cattery is a small, family run cattery located in an easily accessible area just outside of Yeovil.

Our aim is to offer quality accommodation complimented by first class service so that when you leave your cat with us you feel confident that your pet is staying in a safe, comfortable and hygienic environment and is being looked after by caring, competent people.

The cattery was built in 2016 and exceed standards issued by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Model Licence.

We decided to use UPVC instead of wood. UPVC has a big advantage over timber because it is impervious to all known disease so will significantly reduce the risk of spreading feline infections and conditions such as ringworm. The risk of fire is also reduced as UPVC is self-extinguishing.

Videos of your cat sent to you while you are away.

The chalets are located a few metres from the house in the garden area of our land. They are bright and spacious, fully insulated and have thermostatically controlled heaters. They all have a view out over the garden in which there is a variety of features to provide visual interest and entertainment.

We offer a flexible approach in order to satisfy the needs of each cat and owner so if you have a particular concern such as your cat being elderly or disabled, or you are especially anxious about leaving your pet then we will be happy to discuss this with you to try to find a solution.

To provide additional peace of mind when you are away, videos of your cat can be sent to you via phone or internet. This is at no extra cost.

The cattery is fully alarmed.

Why “Deluxe”?

Superb, quality accommodation which does not harbour disease.


Outstanding service. We will try our utmost to be helpful and adaptable to any request, normally at no extra cost.

Meticulous attention to detail in the care of your pet.

Videos and pictures sent to you throughout your cats stay at no extra cost to give you peace of mind.

Provision of quality toys and cat trees.

Insurance for veterinary care included (except pre-existing conditions).


Our spacious chalets are double glazed and insulated so your pet will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  The separate sleeping area has a cosy bed and a thermostatically controlled heater which keeps the quarters warm.  The automatic heaters will keep your cat to the perfect temperature, however if your cat likes extra heat, we can provide heat pads for them to lay on.

The exercise run has places to hide, climb or just relax. If your pet has any difficulty with mobility we will make sure that the layout is suitable. Plenty of toys are provided including electronic toys, some of which your cat can activate itself. Others will be turned on by us when we make our frequent visits throughout the day.

Residents can see each other but at no time are they allowed to have contact with a cat from another family. There are full height sneeze barriers between the pens.

A safety corridor runs along the outside to prevent any risk of escaping.

The chalets are purpose built to a high specification using UPVC. This material is self-extinguishing, hygienic and impervious to all known diseases thereby greatly reducing risk of fire and spread of infection.




We will feed your cat with its usual food so please let us know what this is at the time of booking so that we can make sure that we have it in stock.

You are welcome to provide treats for us to give your cat throughout their stay. Treats can be stored in the fridge if necessary.

Prescription diets will need to be provided.

Daily Routine

The first visit of the day is usually between six and seven to make sure that everyone is well. Time is then spent with each cat at frequent intervals throughout the day either for feeding and cleaning or just to provide company and entertainment. Bedtime is somewhere around ten. Note is taken of how each guest is behaving as any changes in their normal behaviour could indicate a problem. You will be asked at the time of booking to give some details about your cats likes, dislikes and how active they usually are.


This comes as part of the service if your cat enjoys being groomed.

Please provide grooming equipment if you have it.

Trial Stay

If you are worried about how well your pet will settle when boarded we can offer a trial stay to introduce it gently to being away from home. You could, for example, leave your cat for an hour or two while you go shopping. For very nervous animals an even slower approach can be used. Please phone to discuss this with us.

Collection / return service

This is offered for an additional cost.


We do not charge for administering medication. Please supply a sufficient quantity in the original packaging.


Your pet will be covered by our vet’s insurance during their stay (except for pre-existing conditions).

We make regular checks throughout the day to ensure all our guests are happy and well. If we are concerned about the health of any of the cats, immediate veterinary advice will be sought. Your normal vet will be consulted if possible. We will also inform you or your preferred emergency contact.

Toys / bedding

These are provided but to help your cat to settle in you are encouraged to bring their bedding or some material that has a familiar scent on it. Favourite toys can also be brought in.


Standard chalet
  • One cat £13 per day
  • Two cats £20 per day
Large family chalet
  • Up to two cats £26 per day
  • Three cats £33 per day
  • Four cats £40 per day
  • Five cats £45 per day
Optional extras
  • Collection/return service £1 per mile. Minimum charge is £5.

Try to bring something with a familiar scent on it in order to help your cat settle. This could be their bedding or a piece of cloth that you have kept next to your skin for a while. Don't put this in the carry box though in case your cat is sick. A SECURE CARRIER MUST BE USED

AN UP TO DATE VACCINATION CERTIFICATE MUST BE PROVIDED ON ADMISSION against cat flu and feline enteritis. Please note that annual boosters are required after the initial kitten vaccinations.
Vaccinations must have been given no less than two weeks prior to admission.

Please treat your cat for fleas prior to staying with us.

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Yeovil Deluxe Cattery, Crossway Mead, Tintinhull Road, Chilthorne Domer, Yeovil, BA22 8RA